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Equinox has just made Avaya great again

At Formation, we’ve been banging on about the ‘new’ Avaya ever since we got started in 2016. It was always our belief that Avaya’s chapter 11 moment would re-boot the company, and free it to re-claim its mantle as the original pioneer of UC.

In the last few days, we’ve seen the greatest proof yet that our hunch was correct. We can sum up why in one word.


A quick re-cap. Equinox is Avaya’s collaborative communications tool. It gives users the ability to roll voice, video and chat into their workflows in a seamless way. They don’t have to open one application and close another. It works beautifully on mobile and doesn’t hammer the battery.

In short, it helps employees to get more done.

Why is this significant? Let’s go back in time a bit. The original vision of UC was to remove the barriers between different types of communication. For the most part, UC products did that. But they did so within their own UC silos.

At first, this was fine. But then working practices changed. Employees started to do most of their work inside SaaS tools like Salesforce. They junked email and embraced more productive alternatives like Slack. Naturally, they wanted to conduct all their video conferences, file sharing and online meetings from inside these applications.

This way of working is the future. Gartner says that by 2022 “70 per cent of teams will rely on workstream collaboration as the primary means of communicating, coordinating and sharing information between team members, displacing email.”

Many existing UC collaboration tools are still lacking in this respect. It’s why lots of companies use products like Skype For Business/Teams instead.

For the last year, we’ve been helping customers switch their UC to the cloud. But the truth is, although we’re an official reseller for Avaya, we couldn’t in all conscience tell customers to abandon Skype For Business. It’s been the best tool out there, and the easiest to use.

Now, with Equinox, there’s finally an alternative. You can have either.

Equinox delivers on the promise of UC collaboration. It lets users create and enter team spaces, and from within them place voice and video calls, open chat sessions, schedule and host meetings, share documents and more.

Now, to be clear, Equinox is not new. Avaya launched it for enterprise users in 2016. Days ago, however, it made an updated version available as part of IP Office Release 11. This means that any mid-range company with an IP Office licence can now access Equinox instantly.

It’s seriously good. How good? Well, here are 10 reasons.

1. It works with any device

Equinox replicates the experience of a face-to-face meeting with anyone, anywhere – and it does so on any device: PC, Mac, tablet, mobile (iOS or Android) and the all-glass Avaya Vantage. This matters in an era of flexible connected working.

2. No download or plugin needed

Equinox takes advantage of webRTC. That means you can invite and include non-Equinox users to video meetings. Just click on the meeting link to join via an HTML5 browser.

3. Start with a single view of your day

UC can be complicated. So can diaries. That’s why Equinox offers a ‘Top of Mind’ home screen. It gives users have a simplified dashboard of their day. They can use this as a start point from which to launch one-touch calling, messaging, audio and video conferencing, and web collaboration.

4. It upgrades in the background – for free

Equinox is added automatically to the cloud IP Office product. This means iForm Pro users get access to the apps such as Equinox at no extra charge.

5. It’s loads cheaper than Skype For Business

We think there’s little to choose between Skype For Business and Equinox, features-wise. Can’t say the same about price. S4B costs £40 per seat; Equinox costs a fraction of this.

6. It’s full of one-touch features

The beauty of Equinox is not just what it does, but how it does it. The UX is outstanding. For example, participants can use a “slider” to review meeting content without disrupting the presenter. They can mute, record and share with a single click.

7. Embed it inside your preferred software

Use Salesforce all day? Why would you want to exit it to join a video conference? This is the Equinox breakthrough. It sits in the background ready to go from whatever software you’re working in. No need to launch a dedicated application.

8. Customise it

If you use bespoke software and processes, you can integrate Equinox into them. Just direct your developers to the Avaya Breeze Client SDK.

9. You can save all the money you’d spend on real meetings

Equinox lets you have virtual meeting rooms in the cloud. That means no up-front costs for equipment, rack space, power, and maintenance. And no technical experts needed either. Equinox Meetings Online supports 50 fully interactive participants and 500 viewers for streaming.

10. It’s in HD.   Most of the time, it’s the collaboration not the screen res that counts. But still, if you want hi-def, you can see and hear in 1080p full HD video and wide band audio.

If you want to find out more about Equinox for Avaya Cloud join our Migrate Your Voice Estate To The Cloud webinar.