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Out Loud: “The Future is Here” Avaya and Formation Tech at GITEX 2018

Patrick is joined by Ioan MacRae, the Managing Director of Avaya UK, and Mark Tyers and Dan Cholerton, who are the co-founders of Formation Tech, to review the GITEX technology mega show

Out Loud: “The Future is Here” Avaya and Formation Tech at GITEX 2018

Out Loud: “The Future is Here” Avaya and Formation Tech at GITEX 2018

October 16, 2018 Patrick Watson

GITEX is one of the world’s largest technology shows with tens of thousands of attendees flocking to the Dubai World Trade Centre to examine all the latest technologies from the world’s biggest companies. Avaya are one of the most recognisable brands at the event with their stand showcasing their most cutting edge unified communication and contact centre solutions. In this episode we catch up with them, during the show, to discuss their attendance along with one of their partners Formation Tech. Formation specialise in cloud solutions so it was interesting to get both a vendor’s and partner’s perspective on the event.

Patrick was joined by special guests Ioan MacRae, the Managing Director of Avaya UK, and Mark Tyers and Dan Cholerton, who are co-founders of Formation Tech.

Ioan tells Patrick about Avaya’s main goals for the GITEX event. Avaya are showcasing many real world use cases for emerging technology and their stand is full of the most thought provoking examples.

“The future is here and it’s looking into it, giving people a hands on perspective of exactly that.”

As a UK based partner, Formation Tech, have various reasons for attending the Dubai based event. Networking with Avaya’s technology partner base opens further options in terms of meeting new integration partners who they can collaborate with on specific projects.

At Formation, Dan and Mark, have worked incredibly hard to promote Avaya’s cloud solutions and now they are able to explore further enhancements which they can offer to customers, Mark explains. “Our strategy as a business is moving into that next layer, the real transformational piece – We can revolutionise these businesses and the way that they work.”

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For Avaya it is very important, as Ioan explains, to be able to show case solutions that are possible today, rather than hypothetical future developments. They take a lot of feedback from customers and many of the solutions on show have been developed in conjunction with their partners and customers.

The guys then discuss the changing landscape of the industry itself. More and more technology businesses are open to collaborating with each other, and Avaya acknowledge that one business cannot cater for an entire technology stack. They now offer more open standards with APIs and SDKs, so that customers and partners have options when integrating other solutions. Mark and Dan also explain that the sales process has changed dramatically and customers are no longer comparing feature lists when examining products but exploring the possibilities in terms of development.

Ioan highlights the importance of customer feedback to Avaya and how they have utilised that to transform their own research and development processes.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guests Ioan MacRae of Avaya and Dan Cholerton and Mark Tyers from Formation Tech.

Originally published in UC Today on 16th October 2018.

Out Loud: “The Future is Here” Avaya and Formation Tech at GITEX 2018