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Are you looking to boost employee productivity and empower teams to perform better in their roles? Have you rolled out Microsoft Teams or Zoom and want to understand how to best utilise it? Formation Tech can help you do both. Improve your company’s performance and achieve more significant results when you partner with us.

An Inspired and Motivated Workforce

With practices like open-plan office spaces and “hot-desking”, today’s workers can find it hard to focus on their work. There are a lot of distractions and interruptions.


This default way of working is fast becoming outdated. You need to compliment open-plan office spaces with other types of work areas. This will create a variety of environments to support different types of work. You then need to give staff the tools and the freedom to move around and find a space that they feel is most appropriate to the task at hand.


These same tools allow you to extend this task-based approach to remote working.


Do people need to be “chained” to the office, let alone a desk at all if they can do their jobs just as well—if not better—where they feel comfortable or is most appropriate, and can stay focused on the work at hand.


2020, created a seismic shift with employees are increasingly working from home. Whilst some businesses fully reverted to homeworking, most had employees returning to their offices in some form, but when they did, there was a fundamental change in how they worked, mainly due to the proliferation of collaboration software. To be successful, businesses must change the narrative here and make sure things continue in a way that’s productive and benefits your company–as it exists today. Companies need to adjust and embrace a modern workplace culture.


It is time to empower your employees. To give them the right tools to unlock their full potential. Reach out to our team we’ll help you understand how Modern Workplace can benefit your business.

Focused Strategies That Boost Employee Morale and Motivation

Whether this is about connected workforce or customer experience, we start with existing business operating models. Then, using analytics and insight, we review those models and help customers understand how to keep pace with new ways of working and engaging with customers.


Research illustrates that the more mobile a workforce is, the more productive it will be. And there will be a greater degree of satisfaction with the newly redesigned work environment that we can help you achieve. In turn, this will increase staff retention.


Is someone stationed at a corporate desk with a limited number of mundane tasks productive? Is she proud of her work? Or, would she work better if she was given the freedom to choose how and where she worked?


Our ability to design and deliver a Modern Workplace that gives your workforce the “always-available” technology ensures a consistent experience wherever they choose to work. By providing the best tools, and your employees are able to do their best work for your company and your customers.

Partner With Our Modern Workplace Team

At Formation Technologies, we understand the digital workplace. Our team cares deeply about every client we serve, which is one reason our services stand out. With us, your business is being taken care of by a passionate team that’s ready to support you in every way.


What’s more, we’ve spent years developing a methodology that enables customers to transform their working. Partnering with Formation means being supported by technology and an organisation to help you succeed.

Transform Your Company's Productivity

Reach out to our expert team at Formation Technologies, and we’ll help you implement a system to improve your company’s workflow and help your employees become even more productive. Let us help you transform how your company’s processes are handled and dramatically improve your team’s efficiency.

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