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With the advent of hybrid working, office design needs to be reconsidered. How spaces are used is changing drastically and far more consideration needs to be made on both the purpose and the design of an office space. Formation Tech has been helping companies understand how technologies can positively impact the design of office buildings for a long time. Let us help you create an office that supports a modern workforce.


Work Smarter with Smarter Design

Mid-market companies face many challenges when designing efficient work environments, especially as work becomes increasingly remote.


Your team may be comprised of up to four generations, all with different communication needs and technological skillsets.


The current pandemic has made this even more challenging due to health and safety concerns in your physical offices.


You need to create a workplace that accommodates your entire team, regardless of generation. We’ve got the bring the solutions together that you need to make it happen.


We help you get the right cloud-based technologies to integrate remote work into your physical office spaces with user-friendly technology that all generations will love.


If you are moving offices or simply updating your current space, now is the time to find out how we can help you get the technology solutions you need to optimise your workplace.


Call us today to find out more.


Custom Office Space Design

Most office spaces are outdated and not designed for optimal productivity. In the current environment, they may also pose health risks to workers.

Integrated Technology for Remote Work

Cloud-based technology has made it easier than ever to integrate remote work into your physical office space.


But not all of your workers are comfortable with new communication technology. That is why we focus on connecting you with software that is intuitive. We make sure it is easy-to-use for every generation of workers.


Then, we help you design your physical workspace around these technologies, so the workflow between your office workers and remote workers is seamless.

A Workplace Designed for Success

Happier, More Productive Employees


Your employees want the freedom to work in a way that allows them to be most productive. When your employees are comfortable in both their environment and with the technology they are using, they can focus on doing their job better.


Improved Talent Acquisition and Retention


When your company has a reputation for supporting positive working culture, one that helps staff flourish, it is easier to attract and retain the best talent, reducing your hiring costs.


Better Customer Service


When you have the best talent and the most effective workplace design, you have a recipe for success. Your team will be able to focus on one thing–your customer.

How Our Workplace Design Service Works

Step 1: We Take the Time to Understand Your Employees’ Needs


You employees aren’t slaves to your IT department anymore. We work with you to identify systems that work for you and your team, not your IT department. Once we get to know your business, we develop a plan tailored for you.


Step 2: We’ll Recommend the Right Technology for You


We work with the best outside vendors and designers to get you the productivity and communication software you need to optimise your workplace.


Step 3: We Train Your Staff


Your team is multi-generational and has the diverse experience to work with all clients. But each generation has a different understanding and level of comfort when it comes to technology. We help you get your entire team on board.


Step 4: Access Our Friendly Service Team


Get the tech support you need when you need it. We are always available to make sure you get the best user experience for all of the technology we recommend.

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The Number One Choice for Productivity Solutions in the UK
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