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To deliver a truly seamless experience to your customers, you need to connect accurate data, perhaps from multiple databases with agents in real time. But what if you could make decisions on how a customer enquiry is routed based on this same information. This is the nirvana.


Talk to our expert team and learn how we can help you take customer experience to the next level with dev ops.


Integrate Databases to Make Doing Business Easier

Businesses tend to have many isolated back end systems that hinder the way they communicate with their clients. An individual often has to use several different platforms to complete a single task or deal with a customer query, inevitably making them inefficient with their time management. We can help you bring your CRM or ERP systems together to improve the efficiency of all your agents while simultaneously boosting your customers’ satisfaction.


With a more cohesive back end system, your contact centre operations will now be able to make informed routing decisions and provide exceptional customer experiences with personal and contextual driven interactions every time.


Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help bring your systems together and empower your agents with the information they need at their fingertips.

Optimise Performance With the Right Contact Centre Infrastructure

Improve Customer Experience


Use APIs so you can access customer information, from all of your data sources, to create an experience that anticipates their needs and provides the right service. Use intelligent routing to prioritise tasks from all sources and send them to the right agent from the start.


Offer an Omnichannel Experience


APIs let customers engage with you on the channels they use every day. When you build your contact centre with APIs, you can provide the full omnichannel experience or add the channels you need. Channels include:


  • Voice


  • SMS


  • Chat


  • Video



Boost Agent Productivity


Equip your agents to anticipate and meet customer needs quickly across multiple channels with integrated communications. By providing your agents with the exact information they need about each specific customer, you empower them to give excellent customer service.


Scale Automatically


As your contact centre’s points of integration, flows of usability, and channels of interaction change over time, you can adjust automatically with APIs, in real-time, and create the customer experiences you need to stay competitive.


Global Reach


Since APIs are based in the cloud, you can ensure a local experience from anywhere in the world with access to global infrastructure. Cloud platforms offer greater reliability than what most can afford to implement independently.


Proactive Maintenance


To create a great customer experience, you need to experiment, analyse metrics, make adjustments, and more. With a contact centre built on APIs, it’s easy to use analytics to track, measure, and iterate so you can constantly improve the customer experience.


Low Costs


By moving your business into the cloud, you can integrate your current systems and infrastructure to build custom solutions. This way, you can transform your existing contact centre into an omnichannel customer engagement centre at low costs.


Get Started


Work with us to build workflows that make doing business easier for all involved parties. At Formation, we connect your technology to streamline and bring together your backend systems so you can provide efficient and seamless customer service.

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