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Customer experience is an essential part of all businesses. But is yours sufficient? Do you really know what your customers think? What data are you using to define your future customer experience strategies? Formation Tech can help you explore these areas and build a picture of your “as is” so you can better prepare your “to be”. Get in touch to learn how Performance Benchmarketing can accelerate your thinking.


Measure Customer Satisfaction

As a company, your customers are your lifeblood. You want them to have the best experience possible, receiving solutions instantly. 


Most customers use a variety of modalities for personal communications. From text to email to phone calls, they use whichever form of communication works best for them at that time.  


To them, contacting your company should be no different. They want quick, reliable answers, and a consistent experience no matter which method they choose. 


To accomplish this, you need to empower your business to take the lead on customer relations. You need to give a voice to your customers and allow them to have their say on how you’re doing. In a world of public opinion and online choice, knowing how customers rate your service and where you sit against your peers can be the difference between not only retaining customersbut winning new ones too. 


We help you understand what people really think of your brand. We gather information on what customers think of you at every step of the journey and show how you measure up when compared to your competition. 


Then, we show you how to implement best practises, increase revenue and customer loyalty, whilst growing your client base.  These insights can help transform your CX strategy.

Focusing on the Right Data sets

At Formation Tech, we believe that it is imperative to empower your contact centre agents, so they can deliver better customer outcomes time and again. Making sense of the data you hold about your customers and your contact centre will unlock your ability to drive positive customer experiences. 


This starts with helping you measure and analyse the correct datasets so your business can understand each customer journey.  By having a clear data-driven picture of your customer journeysyou will be able to understand how to optimise the effectiveness of your contact centre teams and increase agent productivity.   


When your team works with us, they’ll learn tangible and easy actions they can take, using internal and external data to improve their performances and the overall success of the organisation.  


Feedback is valuable at every stage of your customer experience. Because of this, we help give your business nothing but the best, market-driven information. 


With it, we empower agents to do their best work, giving you a valuable advantage over your competitors, as you’re able to adjust to the needs of your clients. 


This will drive up engagement and sales. You will also gain new customers and increase your client retention, both of which are crucial elements to running a business. 

How It Works

When you use the Formation Tech, we tailor our services to you and the specific details of your company. Our analysis of your customer experience is no exception. 


Let’s get into it below. 


  1. Assessing Your Company Against the Market

We take information about your company and compare it to the customer experience of others. 

Then, we use market-driven trends and insights to assess how well your company does in terms of delivering a solid and consistent customer experience. We’ll even take into account your competitors, giving you a thorough idea of where you stand. 


  1. You Get Your Results


After the assessment concludes, we’ll coach you and your employees through the results, teaching you which strategies to implement to realise your goals and helping you understand what options are available that can further enhance the experience you are able to offer customers when dealing with your business. 


This enables your employees to do their best work while fulfilling your customer service needs. It also gives them a more thorough understanding of market trends, which should help your business going forward. 

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