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Quality Management Solutions that improve agent performance

Ensure your contact centre operation is delivering consistent service and your teams are performing to their best ability. Improve your processes and get more accomplished when you partner with the expert team at Formation Tech.


Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Contact Centre

Contact centres are difficult to operate. That’s because the high volume of transactions and the reality of human error can leave your customers even more unhappy than when they called in.  Being able to monitor and report on every single customer interactions across your business, allows you to deliver a great customer experience, more consistently. Traditionally this has required quality assurance teams to retrospectively review calls. But with so many interactions, this is expensive and not very scalable.


Technology changes things. Formation Tech’s Workforce Optimise Solutions actively monitor each and every call in real-time. It can help evaluate each call, look for keywords and point out anomalies for review across a large data set. With built-in speech analytics you can be sure that your business remains compliant and through automated speech recognition that your agents are adhering to the standards you expect.


But these insights go deeper. With Formation Tech’s Workforce Optimisation Solutions, you are able to listen to the voice of your customer. You can start to understand where you have bottlenecks and how you can improve workflows that will ultimately deliver a better experience to your customers.


Get in touch with the team at Formation Tech and we’ll get you set up with workforce optimisation solutions that ensure you’re able to deliver outstanding service to everyone that phones into your contact centre.

Maximise Agent Performance

Track and manage agent performance and help them deliver the best service possible. Formation Tech’s Quality Management tools helps you measure agent performance against KPIs.


Allow agents and supervisors to evaluate performance against each individual interaction using scorecards and measure this against customer feedback scores. Highlight each agent’s strengths and understand areas that need improvement so that training can be tailored around each individual.


Get the most out of your teams. Drive better quality interactions and improve brand experience. Help agents replicate strong interactions and learn from weaker interactions.


Deliver sales and service excellence by guaranteeing better by all agents across all channels. Our expert team is here to support your success as a contact centre and to make sure that your employees are fully equipped to perform their job to the best of their ability.

Improve the Way Your Contact Centre is Run

Quality Management and Speech Analytics tools have never been so accessible. The more proactive you are, the more prepared you are to listen to your customers, invest in your agents and strive to improve the customer experience, the more successful you will be. Get started with our workforce optimisation technology solutions and watch as it transforms your contact centre.

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