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Supercharge Your Data Security With Advanced Technology and Threat Intelligence Network Protection

Security is a highly specialised area. We know it’s hard for most businesses to hire cutting-edge security technologists to work in-house. But, sales teams and customer service personnel typically manage huge databases, full of highly confidential personal information. Someone has to keep it safe.


Our team of experts can help you keep your data (and your customer’s data) safe, secure and industry compliant.


Do You Struggle To Keep Up With Ever Changing Security Threats?

There is a lot of pressure on all businesses to keep its data safe.  Whether it’s because you’re a regulated business or your customer contracts demand itall businesses have a legal responsibility to protect their corporate data.  The reputational damage to your business could be devastating if there was a data breach. Imagine if your customer’s data or critical business information was stolen.


When it comes to corporate data security, you need to be able to demonstrate how you track and manage your data and keep it secure.  Because, ‘sorry, we don’t actually know how to keep our customer’s data safe’ just won’t cut it. 


That’s Where We Come In 


We understand data security from an infrastructure, an application and a policy management perspective.  We have the skills and the knowledge to install and manage security products that helps you comply with your own security policies and adapt as new policies are introduced.  

We take a simple, holistic approach. First, we assess what your company needs and then we build a security solution that fits all of your businesses requirements by selecting and integrating the right technologies. We combine top-level data security with threat intelligence network protection. Think of it as a labyrinth of interlocking elements which in ‘formation’ create a fortress to keep your business data safe. 


We don’t just protect your corporate infrastructure, we comprehensively build out complete protection of your data and your applications across all your devices. When we’re done integrating, installing and teaching you about the tech we’re still not finished. That’s when our real work starts. We actively monitor security solutions for potential threats and weaknesses and proactively provide guidance on how the risks can be mitigated.  


The best defence against data security attacks is proactive risk reduction. 


What then? 


Then, you can breathe easy. You know that your policies are being enforced, your data is safe and protected and you have us here at Formation, as your trusted partner, ready to help protect your business. 


Need help on where to begin? Get in touch with us.

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