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No matter your business size or industry, close communication between your staff and your customers needs to be world class to support your business objectives. We offer a range of devices, virtual collaboration and instant messaging options, along with all connectivity required, to make it happen for businesses.

If you’re already using Microsoft Teams, then Formation offers direct-routing solutions to give you a fully-fledged phone system experience with customisable call packages whilst maintaining all of the features of Microsoft Teams.


We offer a complete service from consultation, installation and support for all types of business communications solutions. Why not get in touch for a free consultation on your current set-up?

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Royal Academy of Engineering Case Study – Voice Enabling Microsoft Teams


With the rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams by employees and demand for remote and flexible working brought about the Global Covid 19 Pandemic, Formation teamed up with the Academy to unlock the voice calling capabilities of Teams using Direct routing by allowing external calling and phone user functionality for its users from the Teams applications (Desktop and Mobile devices).


Learn more about deploying Microsoft Teams and ensuring network readiness in our free case study.

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