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What We Do - Formation - Creative Technology Solutions
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Simple, easy to use solutions, accessible across all end user devices

Formation builds cloud based solutions. We integrate information technology, Unified Communications, WAN, LAN, Wireless LAN and SIP technologies to deliver fully managed end to end solutions. Each solution is designed to make sense, be compelling, whilst offering great value. They are all built around the same key principals:


“Pushing Limits”

There is nothing more frustrating than technology that slows you down. To us, technology is an enabler. To be an enabler, it needs to deliver a strong, consistent performance. By partnering with best of breed technology vendors, coupled with how we architect our solutions, ensures we are able to deliver optimum performance across your business.

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“The Power of Choice”

This goes beyond simply offering clients the ability to flex services. We appreciate that one size doesn’t fit all, so we have a range of solutions and services to suit your business, budget and purchasing strategy. We also appreciate that everyone isn’t ready to consume everything via the internet yet. Therefore, our services are designed to be delivered on premise, via the cloud or as a hybrid solution


“Dare to Dream”

We build solutions that businesses depend on. By using the latest virtualisation software and dual data centres, means we are able to offer always-on services. Our solutions are enterprise grade and we tailor them to your business.

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“Best Defence”

Security is integral to everything we do for obvious reasons. We don’t need to tell you how important your data is. We only host solutions in ISO27001 compliant tier 3 data centres and by deploying application-aware technologies enables us to provide a secure interface for all end users.

Scale & Efficiency

“Turn it up”

We do not have a legacy of propriety technologies hindering us or our customers. Centralising our solutions means we can deliver services faster and more efficiently. No matter how much your business grows or how complex your requirements become, we can deliver a technology fabric that scales with you.

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