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Simplify your UC budgets One price, whatever happens

Traditionally unified communication came in a box. You installed it somewhere in your office. Occasionally it would break down. It would certainly go out of date. In both cases, you would pay your supplier to sort it out. Cloud UC is different. There’s no need for new ‘tin’. It’s software, and you get it for a fixed knowable monthly fee. No unexpected extra costs. Leaving you to focus your time – and budget – on your core business.

Access the newest technology

It’s upgraded while you sleep

Upgrades are a given in the technology space. After all, who still uses a Nokia N95? UC is no different. But with cloud-based services, upgrades happen automatically and in the background. So you’ll always have the latest enterprise-grade features.
You don’t have to do a thing to get them. No engineers. No expensive break-fix contracts. Just the latest functionality at your team’s fingertips.

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Banish daily tech headaches

Free your IT specialists to think long term

What are your IT people for? Really, they should be working on processes to improve your core business. They should not be fixing desktop PCs or configuring video settings. Cloud systems – whether powering UC or managed IT services – take all this pain away. They let you outsource burdensome repairs and maintenance, so your IT specialists can do more productive work.

Choose the set-up that’s right for you

Take back control

What do you want your UC to deliver? Cloud services give you the freedom to choose. Typically, you get a portal, through which you can decide your settings, switch services on and off remotely, extract valuable reporting insights and more. There’s no hardware vendor limiting your choices. The power is in your hands.

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Re-think how you do business

Change workplace culture to delight employees and customers

Cloud UC services break down the barriers between voice, video, text and more. Customers and employees can choose the channel that works best for them, whatever the device, wherever they are. The impact of this can be profound. Comms become more intuitive. They can happen anywhere. You can use this new flexibility to create smarter, happier and ultimately more productive workplaces.