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G2V Group

Multisite network and security solution. Standardising management and reporting whilst improving security.

G2V Group case study

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G2V faced challenges with disparate standards and limited visibility in their network infrastructure. With Formation Tech's help, they achieved a high-performing, secure network across all locations through centralized management and standardized approaches.


Disparate standards and limited visibility

G2V’s network infrastructure had evolved over a number of years, and as such had a range of different vendors across different sites. This meant there was no standard support model by site, or centralised reporting for service issues or performance. Furthermore, this also meant that there was no established template for smoothly onboarding new locations. G2V sought a partner to centralise their infrastructure management, enhance visibility, and provide a uniform deployment template for all locations.


The technology behind the solution

FortiGate - Single vendor approach to network and security hardware: single stack solution encompassing Next Generation Firewall with real time threat and application awareness, network switch and wireless access point(s) allowing for simple management and extended security fabric.

FortiManager - Management: Automation driven single pane management allowing for full network visibility. Roles based access for controlled change and audit.

FortiAnalyser - Alerting and Reporting: Cloud based platform to manage, automate, orchestrate and respond. Complete visibility of the attack landscape. Hosting patching and alert handle configuration allowing for close management and proactive response.

"We have a diverse work force spread over multiple offices in multiple countries – as an agile business we prize simplicity and consistency. Formation Tech have delivered on this vision – giving us the comfort of a partner that understands us and our priorities."

Head of IT, G2V


A High-Performing, Secure Network

G2V now operates with a high-performing network and a secure approach to their infrastructure across all locations. All sites can now be migrated onto a standard platform, with a single vendor approach to Firewall, network and Wi-Fi access point. This single vendor approach enables configuration and management to be carried out centrally via one platform. Security policies are also now standardised and applied to all points of access from the wireless to wired network.

The standardised approach taken to deploying new locations saves vast amounts of time, offering full visibility and dual access for both the customer and Formation Tech as the managed service provider. This ultimately provided G2V with a truly unified approach to their network and cybersecurity infrastructure.

This case study underlines the common challenges faced by multi-site organisations that employ different vendors across their estates. By adopting a uniform approach, G2V has significantly improved the performance and security of their network, further testifying to Formation Tech’s commitment to providing tailored solutions to complex challenges.

"We found we needed a network partner with the expertise and reach to help us manage what was becoming a real headache. Moving to a single vendor platform for our network, Wi-Fi and security has been transformational for G2V. Formation Tech’s solution has also enabled us to have simple playbook by which we can add and expand offices at pace."

Head of IT, G2V

91% reduction in service desk time


Reduction in service desk time

25 separate vendors to 1 platform


25 separate vendors to 1 platform

Single application to manage all networking and security infrastructure


Single application to manage all networking and security infrastructure

100% customer satisfaction


Customer satisfaction

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