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Formation helps companies create Modern workplaces .
Deliver exceptional customer experiences.

As a modern workplace practice, we help businesses create better ways of working. We provide technologies that enable employees to be more productive. We help businesses work smarter, more safely and securely, from anywhere.


We are customer experience experts. We enable businesses to give their customers friction free, intuitive brand experiences.


Our solutions are underpinned by our managed support services. We help ensure services are being optimised so you can remain focused on running your business.

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Build a modern workplace

The remote working revolution of 2020 has made many businesses realise they don’t need to be tied to a physical office. Employees in the future will split their time between the office and home. In this hybrid world the employee needs to be able to work and collaborate consistently. They’ll be happier and your business will be more successful.

Redefine your customer experience

Every day, people have conversations with friends by voice, video and text. They want this same experience from businesses, and they expect instant responses.

They will choose the companies that give them the best customer experience.

Keep your business safe and secure

To run a digital workplace or a multi-channel contact centre, you need network and security infrastructure that won’t let you down. Our managed solutions do just this. We understand the critical applications that your business depends on and we know how to run complex network and security infrastructure.

Helping you to choose the right communication solution for your business

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Formations value doesn’t come from just understanding the tech. Our value comes in helping companies tackle business challenges and address user needs.

We help companies deploy technologies that improve business outcomes, drive income and increase bottom line. This is how we make a difference.

born in the cloud

Formation is used to managing large multi-vendor projects. Our customers often need to phase out old technologies and integrate them into their new solutions. Formation was born in the cloud, but our team has a long and deep experience of legacy platforms and software. This knowledge, enables us to understand the journey our customers need to take when adopting a cloud first strategy.


IT services used to be focussed on service uptime and managing infrastructure. Today it is about optimising services. Our focus is on whether technology is delivering strategic value and the best user experience possible. We help customers develop technology roadmaps that support their business. Ones that are flexible and adaptable.

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