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Change the way you communicate.
Transform the way you work.

Communication is the lifeblood of your business.
Customers demand instant responses.
They want them on a variety of channels.
And they will choose the companies that give them the best user experience.
Delivering flexible unified communication used to be difficult.
It’s not anymore.
The cloud has brought it to the mid market.
Formation was born in the cloud.
So talk to us.

Find out what cloud communications can do for…

Your business

The cloud has made advanced unified communications easy for mid-market companies. You can have the very latest UC features and functionality for a fixed, knowable monthly fee. You’ll never have to upgrade physical hardware or pay for unexpected upgrade costs again. But why stop at comms? Formation can also move all your IT support systems to the cloud too.

Your customers

Every day, people have conversations with friends by voice, video and text. They choose whatever channel suits them best. And they always pick up where they left off. Why can’t they have the same kind of flexible, contextual interactions with businesses? They can. Cloud-powered services deliver delightful user experiences. Offer them, and customers will choose you.

Your teams

When your company is no longer tied to physical communications products, your employees are liberated from the tyranny of office locations and desks. They can work where they are most productive. They’ll be happier. And you’ll find it easier to hire and retain the best talent.