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Formation Tech is your technology partner to help you navigate relocating offices. We'll help identify the right technology to create a future-proofed workspace, and give expert assistance in transitioning your IT systems.

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The challenge

The way we work changed almost overnight.

In the rush to adapt to remote work, many businesses have 'made do' with their existing office technology and security.

An office relocation is the perfect time to reconsider and upgrade systems for a new way of working.

It's time to design a modern workplace

Reassess your systems

Reassess your systems

Is your current tech suitable for your new space?

We'll work with you to ensure the tech and systems you move forward with are future-proofed.

Move with confidence

Move with confidence

While you're experts in your tech and systems, you may not have experience of moving it. Formation can guide you on the right approach for your business.

Ease your burden

Ease your burden

Office moves are stressful. We can handle the complexities of your tech setup so you can focus on other critical aspects of your move.

How it works

Step 1: Discovery

Step 1: Discovery

We work with you to learn your business. We identify the tech & systems that are working, and the one's that aren't.

Step 2: Recommendations

Step 2: Recommendations

We'll put a tailored plan for your business. With recommendations on the right vendors to enable you to reach your goals, and how to retain as much of your existing equipment as possible.

Step 3: Move & implement

Step 3: Move & implement

It's move time. We'll help you relocate your current systems, and implement your new vendors and systems.

Step 4: Train & support

Step 4: Train & support

Get the tech support you need when you need it. We know your team might have different levels of comfort with technology - we'll help you get your entire team onboard, and provide ongoing-support.


Our expertise extends to a range of essential workspace technologies:

Technology solutions to support relocating businesses

Businesses are reimagining their workspaces to support hybrid working practices, now widely adopted across many sectors. Relocating offers a unique opportunity to reassess and upgrade technology infrastructure. In the rush to adapt to remote work, many businesses have 'made do' with existing office technology and security. A move is the ideal moment to refine these systems for the new world of work.

Reliable internet setups with efficient handling of wayleave issues

We'll evaluate your new location and leverage our relationships with top carriers to ensure you get the fastest internet at the best price. Our audit will reveal the optimal carrier for your building, using online desktop carrier maps, promising faster setup and cost efficiency.

For Landlords Formation Tech will also provide ready to go internet connectivity for their tenants, enabling super fast delivery and guaranteed go live dates in as little as 2 weeks.

Custom Wi-Fi solutions ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout your office

We'll help you tailor a Wi-Fi network design, considering both the physical layout of your new space and your specific usage needs. This ensures a robust network for seamless operation, no matter where your team is working within the office.

Create a meeting experience designed for both in-person and remote collaboration

In the era of hybrid work, meeting room technology needs to provide a seamless and familiar user experience. We'll help you understand the challenges that exist within your organisation, and design a unified AV solution that supports both in-office and remote collaboration.

Streamlined communication with integrated voice solutions

We will help you streamline your communication systems. Whether it’s moving away from legacy phone systems or integrating voice services into platforms like Microsoft Teams, we can help you remove unnecessary desk phones  and centralise communication and collaboration.

Robust security protocols safeguarding your data and devices

We’ll review your current security setup and provide recommendations for an integrated solution that protects your business across all platforms – from cloud services to office hardware to individual devices, saving you time and enhancing security.

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