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The challenge

Security is a highly specialised area. We know it’s hard for most businesses to hire cutting-edge security technologists to work in-house.

But, sales teams and customer service personnel typically manage huge databases, full of highly confidential personal information. Someone has to keep it safe.

Keep your data (and your customer’s data) safe & secure.

Secure for hybrid working

Secure for hybrid working

Security should be the same for the office, the cloud and the remote user. Standardising this approach allows for easy management, reporting and most importantly peace of mind that your data and applications are secure.

Security specialists

Security specialists

We understand data security from an infrastructure, an application and a policy management perspective. To ensure your organisation's resilience, you need a
specialist, not a generalist.

Zero-trust approach

Zero-trust approach

Continuously verify and monitor every user, device, and application accessing the network, regardless of their location or affiliation. This proactive strategy helps to reduce the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.

How it works

Step 1: Discovery

Step 1: Discovery

We assess what your company needs and identify your security risks.

Step 2: Recommendations

Step 2: Recommendations

We'll put a tailored plan for your business, with recommendations on the right vendors and policies to keep your business safe.

Step 3: Implementation & training

Step 3: Implementation & training

We help you implement the new vendors and new systems. We know your team might have different levels of comfort with technology and security - we'll help you get your entire team onboard.

Step 4: On-going support & management

Step 4: On-going support & management

We actively monitor security solutions for potential threats and weaknesses and proactively provide guidance on how the risks can be mitigated.


Our expertise extends to a range of essential workspace technologies:

Discover the hidden cyber risks, and validate the performance of your network from office to cloud.

As an output from out network security audit our clients get to better understand their current and potential future Security Risk – which application vulnerabilities are being used to attack your network, which malware/botnets were detected, what phishing attacks are making it through your defences and which devices are “at risk”— for security breach probability. Additionally Formation Tech Penetration testing services can be used to assess and validate any devices exposed to the open internet.

Continuous authentication inside or outside the network

We help companies plan and implement a ZTA security framework. This ensures all users’ security posture, whether in or outside the organisation’s network, are continuously authenticated, authorised, and validated before being granted access to network, applications and data helping keep business secure.

Treat your public cloud as if it’s another office

By implementing best practice cybersecurity policies, controls, and technologies we can help secure applications, data, and infrastructure in cloud environments. Basic cloud native firewalls are often under equipped to deal with the threats that exist and evolve daily although are still commonly deployed in many businesses. By deploying Next Generation Firewalls & Unified Threat Protection into public cloud and standardising your firewall vendor and policies in both physical and cloud locations, management reporting, protection and user experience is materially enhanced.

Protecting your office and data centre

Firewalls have historically been deployed to protect the perimeter of an office, or the external facing connection in a data centre. Hybrid working has meant the office based firewall now needs to be a component of a wider security fabric, extending to protect users wherever they are, and on whatever device. Digital transformation to the cloud is driving the trend for customers to standardise their firewall security to the cloud.

Formation Tech deploy and manage next generation firewalls in any environment. A modern next generation firewall will cater for the following: Unfied Threat Protectiom - Antivirus, Anti-malware, Intrusion Prevention, VPN, Web/Video/DNS Filtering, Data Loss Prevention & Application Control.

Extending your security policies across all layers of network access

The LAN offers one of the largest attack surfaces in a company’s network, and the number and types of network-connected devices and applications continue to grow exponentially. While end users want fast Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections with a smooth experience regardless of their connection type, IT needs increased security with reduced complexity and low overhead. By deploying a single vendor for network, wifi & firewall, Formation Tech will ensure your business is protected with the same standards and policies at all points of access.

Gain insights into cyber events

By providing visibility across IT and OT (operational Technology) infrastructures, with a consolidated view, Formation Tech managed service will help eliminate operational bottlenecks and bolster defences. By providing this historical and real-time insight, we will enable you to have visibility for the risk you are exposed to. This data will help inform the security road map for your business and enable real time threats to be dealt with proactively.

Agile and secure network optimisation

With more applications in the cloud than on traditional servers the need exists to optimise and secure traffic between users, offices and the cloud. Historically MPLS would have catered for this need at a time where people and servers were located within office and branch locations. Secure SD-WAN will optimise key applications, balance traffic loads between different internet connections and provide site to site connectivity where needed in a secure and managed environment.

5 stars
“We found we needed a network partner with the expertise and reach to help us manage what was becoming a real headache. Moving to a single vendor platform for our network, Wi-Fi and security has been transformational for G2V. Formation Tech’s solution has also enabled us to have simple playbook by which we can add and expand offices at pace."

Marc Christophides, Head of IT, G2V

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