Webinar: The Fine Art of Deploying Microsoft Teams Voice Solution

What are Microsoft Teams Monthly Learning Webinars?


Each session is broadly broken down in to 3 sections:


Teams Focused topics – in each session we discuss a specific topic such as options for connecting Teams to the public telephone network, how to integrate compliant call recording, how to transition a business to Teams voice and best practice approaches to support your end users.


New Teams features – we also highlight some of the latest Microsoft features that we think companies should know about to get the most out of Teams.


Ask The Experts – we always finish with an Q&A session so people can ask any questions they wish around either the topics and features covered in the session or general questions they have.

What did we cover in this session?

– The Fine Art of Deploying Microsoft Teams Voice Solution


– Network Readiness: how to ensure your network is voice ready


– System Design: making sure you capture and tailor the solution design and scope around your specific set of needs


– Tenant Management: the configuration of voice services within the O365 tenant including licensing and admin centre


– Q&A to finish


Watch the video to learn it all. We hope you enjoy and if you have any questions, please do reach out to a member of the team.

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