Microsoft Teams - Are your users suffering in silence?


We’ve all been there!


You are due on a crucial client call, a one on one with your boss or a department meeting on Microsoft Teams and there’s an issue. Your video freezes. You can’t hear because of background noise. You can’t share the slide deck you spent the previous evening preparing. You sound like a robot to the other participants.


Even worse, you cannot join the meeting at all.


Studies show these challenges are more frequent than many business leaders realise and that rather than reporting the issue, end users are often taking matters into their own hands – typically by deploying the good old-fashioned ON/OFF switch tactic!  


In fact, Microsoft research shows that only 16% of users report issues to the service desk leaving an enormous portion of the workforce putting up with technical issues and feeling frustrated. 


So, why aren’t your users reporting their poor experiences?


Is it because they don’t think it will do any good?  Or that reporting the fault is too onerous – raising a ticket anyone? – Or that it’s time consuming and by the time IT responds, the moment has passed.


Whatever the reason, end users are suffering in silence but to what end and what impact is this having on themselves and the business?


Productivity and employee well-being are two issues that immediately spring to mind.


For any business, the challenge of managing service performance by bridging strictly controlled enterprise network and infrastructure, with a mix of unmanaged home networks and cloud services used by the distributed workforce is complicated. 


But what if…


What if, businesses took a more proactive approach to the technology that is at heart of their hybrid workplace? Using analytics to pinpoint and resolve issues before the end user has noticed even?


Here’s the thing…


It doesn’t have to be a pipedream. 


Virsae can tap into a wealth of Microsoft data combining machine learning and AI-powered diagnostics to present businesses with critical insights and visibility to minimize risk, manage cost, and perform at their best.  


Jabra too are leading the way. The world-leading audio and video brand are bringing their expertise in noise cancellation into the hybrid environment via their headset technology. By using the microphones on their headsets for example to provide analytics on speech levels and background noise they are enhancing user experience and helping companies to create their own high performing hybrid workplace.


So, make sure your teams aren’t suffering in silence and join our latest Microsoft Teams Learning Webinar with industry giants MICROSOFT, JABRA & VIRSAE to understand how they are using AI, analytics, and big data to provide business leaders with far greater visibility and empowering them like never before, to pro-actively manage and monitor their hybrid workplace technologies.  

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