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What gives us the right to advise you about cloud-based UC and managed IT services?

Why should you listen to us?

Well, we can point to many decades of combined experience. And one successful exit.

In 2003, founders Mark and Dan founded Aurora Networks to deliver VOIP to business. This was in 2003 – a time when fax machines were business-critical and 2Mb broadband was a distant dream.

But the tech landscape was changing, and Aurora grew fast. In 2012, a large managed data provider bought the company. Mark and Dan assumed group roles, managing combined revenues of over £50m. Soon after, they identified the next big opportunity: cloud-based unified communications.

So in 2016, Mark and Dan assembled a team to launch Formation. The aim? To bring private cloud UC solutions to the mid-market.

In a way, it was history repeating itself. Why use analogue telecoms, when you can use IP? Why have on-prem tin, when you can have cloud?

But Formation’s mission is about more than just delivering comms for a fixed and knowable recurring fee.

We’re interested in how the new model can help you change the way you communicate with clients, colleagues and suppliers.

When you make UC an application layer within your software stack, it opens up exciting possibilities. You can have genuine conversations with customers on the channels of their choice. You can free your team to be more productive.

And now, Formation can also help you apply the same pure software model to your IT maintenance and upgrade services too.

This is our mission. Unlike traditional managed service providers, we don’t want to merely sell you a subscription. We want to show you how software-based comms can change the way you work.

Obviously, we appreciate that moving to the cloud is a journey for many enterprises. That’s why, with Formation, you can take it one step at a time or as a single migration project.

Get in touch and we’ll tell you more.

Our Values

Mark Tyers Photo
Mark Tyers


“We pride ourselves in knowing every element of our clients business. This relationship is what drives and differentiates us.”

Dan Chorleton Photo
Dan Cholerton


“Our team is what gives us the edge. A culture can’t be pre constructed. It is built over many years, and is based around shared values and a common purpose.”

Mike Wheadon Photo
Mike Wheadon

Sales Director

“To many of our clients, I am the face of Formation. However, it takes a team effort to make things tick. We don’t take success for granted and always strive to excel.”

Micha Wells Photo
Micha Wells

Operations Director

“We are passionate about delivering on our promises. We get stuff done and do it well.”

Carl Hardie Photo
Carl Hardie

Business Development Director

“We believe that we can be truly disruptive in the UC market today. We want to make doing business easier.”