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If you are planning a major IT project, you need to be sure that your network won’t let you down.  The rapid adoption of agile working puts new demands on secure, reliable, high-speed access to business applications and corporate data.  The shift to cloud-based applications, the adoption of video and collaboration tools and the proliferation of wireless access devices puts different demands on network infrastructure. 


Our team helps you to understand the performance, security, and utilisation of your existing networks. This can be anything from a simple network readiness assessment, through to a full network audit.  We also understand the impact modern work practices and new workloads place on a network, so are able to guide you on an infrastructure design that is fit for purpose and one that will future proof your business.


A Team That Makes Sure Your Network is Functioning Optimally

The network infrastructure that you rely on is what enables you to successfully conduct business. As a result, when things aren’t running the way they should, your business can become hamstrung. 


If you are suffering with applications that aren’t performing well, or groups of users or offices that have connectivity issues, you need to be able to address this.  Often these types of issues are intermittent and hard to pin down.  Users quickly lose confidence with their IT under these circumstances and try to find ways around the situation, perhaps compromising data security in the process.


Rather than struggling with a subpar network, and losing hours of IT time, you need a partner that can help take away this pain. Formation Tech has a team of network and security specialists, who understands the network issues businesses face and who have the specialist tools required to troubleshoot complex issues. 


Once we have determined the root cause or isolated a situation, we can then guide you on what needs to be done to address areas of poor performance so you can be sure you have a network that is fit for purpose moving forward.


Get started with a team that cares about ensuring your success and being there to troubleshoot any major network threats that arise.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Network Infrastructure

Formation helps companies gain insights into the performance and security on their existing network infrastructure. Through our monitoring and management tools, we analyse network and bandwidth utilisation, monitor traffic levels, review trends and patterns, and understand which applications are being used and how.  We help you identify pack loss, jitter, or latency issues and the impact that those problems have on different applications and services. 


From there, we can provide deeper insights across your infrastructure including flow through nodes, performance statistics on individual interfaces on switches, firewalls and routers to understand where network pinch points need to be designed out. Formation can audit device and hardware warranty and support statuses so that risk can be managed effectively.


You end up with a detailed performance report, but importantly with suggestions on how to address the issues that have been discovered so that you can improve performance moving forward.

We're Your First Choice for Network Discovery and Analysis in the UK

Our team has been helping UK businesses identify weaknesses in their networks and conduct analyses that give them the information they need to combat those weaknesses for years. Our decades of skill and experience is what allows us to provide you with a game-changing service that revolutionises your business. Get started with Formation Tech and know you’re being supported by a team who have got your back.

Fight Network Issues and Improve Your Security

Get started with Formation Tech’s network analysis and close off any weaknesses in your network or security systems.

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