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By adopting a digital way of working, you can unlock the full potential of your employees and inspire them to work together better than ever before.  We’re a team that can help you build a modern workplace.  Talk to our expert team and learn how you can best connect teams across a modern workplace.


Change the Way Your Team Works Together

Teamwork is an essential part of any successful business. Having quick and easy access the right documents, the ability to connect with the right colleagues fast, and being able to work on files together in real-time independent of geography, enables teams to get quicker results. Whether it is getting products to market faster or completing proposals in less time, fostering better team collaboration enables businesses to be more successful.

Unlock team creativity

One of the big challenges organisations face in the modern workplace, is providing a digital solution that helps colleagues brainstorm ideas and work creatively or troubleshoot problems and manage time-critical situations. There is often still a mindset that these situations are best served by a team being physically present, an analogue solution. However, by understanding the tools and applications available and importantly by deploying the right devices, remote teams are able to tackle these challenges. In fact, it’s never been easier for everyone to deliver better designed, more creative content.

Success built on a positive work culture

Unfortunately, sometimes teams don’t understand the best ways to work together. Or, they don’t have the tools or support at their disposal to guarantee that they can successfully collaborate with their co-workers. This can pose a huge threat to your business and can leave you missing out on opportunities and losing productivity.


Poor or disparate technology can also cripple effective collaboration. This disjoint impacts not only productivity but also your team culture and individuals’ sense of belonging. And the best talent wants to work in an organisation that supports a positive work culture. They want to be able to progress in their role and be part of a successful team. If you can’t offer this to them, they won’t stick around. Equally, a poor employee experience hinders customer engagements and can cost organisations potential business opportunities. 


Unlock team creativity and make working together as seamless and as impactful as it can be. Help employees feel connected to one another and your customers. Enable consistent user experiences across all working environments and devices.


Get started with our team, and our platform will make all that possible and more with our collaboration technology.

A Modern Workplace That Enables Teams to Work Better Together

Let us help you modernise your workplace and show you how team collaboration in a digital world can be a frictionless experience. We’ll showcase to you how it should be intuitive, simple to use, and bring individuals and teams closer together whilst connecting your business to the outside world to better engage with your customers.


When you work with our team, we will make sure that your collaborative efforts lead to a happy workforce and happy customers alike. When you implement our solutions, you empower your teams to collaborate seamlessly regardless of their background, location, or department.


For the first time ever, businesses need to support four generations of worker, each with different habits and different approaches to work and communications. It is imperative that you support them all equally. Formation’s professional team understands challenges different users have and can help your collaboration efforts to be a success.

Change The Way Your Employees Work Together

It’s time to create a more efficient workplace and to transform the way your company functions as a whole. Formation makes this possible by putting collaboration technology in your hands and helping you get the most out of it. Get started with us now.

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