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Are you looking at ways to enable customers to access information themselves, or perhaps go one step further and let them transact themselves? Do you lose agent time responding to simple questions or handling basic tasks? Formation Tech can help you explore ways to introduce self serve capabilities in to your business. Not only will it get better results for your customers, it will allow you to focus agent time on more important things.


Let Your Customers Take the Lead

When people contact your company, they have certain expectations.


Now more than ever, people expect quick solutions to their problems, in a time that suits them. Slow response times aren’t usually associated to fantastic customer service.


Yet a large majority of interactions are often high volume, repetitive and straight forward, such as account balance enquiries, bill payments and booking amendments.


So what can you do to combat this?


Well, you could give the power back to your customers and allow them to self-serve.? By combining voice analytics with automated business processes we can help you achieve just that.


More and more people use automated services to fulfil their customer service needs. In fact, a customer journey can now often involve several different technologies, from chatbots, SMS services to voice analytics.


To serve your customers well, you’ll need to automate and integrate the customer experience across all of your channels 24/7.

Modern Automation That Works For You

Too many businesses still rely on customers having to speak to an agent to transact, to answer a question or to complete a business process. This leads to agents experiencing a high volume of contacts each day. Relying on your agents to solve every customer service inquiry slows down the process and can become costly for your company. Even the best agents can burn out, particularly if they don’t have the proper infrastructure to help handle the workload.


By giving power back to your customers and letting them resolve frequent and repetitive activities through self-service benefits your business too. You take the pressure off of your agents so they can concentrate on more challenging enquiries or tasks that make or save you the most money.


Self-service technologies also allow you to extend services and offer customers 24/7 support cost-effectively.


Using voice analytics, we’ll teach you how to automate more regular customer interactions in a way that increases customer satisfaction and reduces agent burn.


We help businesses take advantage of market leading platforms, such as Amazon Connect and Microsoft Communications Services, so they are able to offer their customers high-quality voice and self-service capabilities. With us, you’ll have the flexibility to automate several different recurring processes, taking the pressure off of your agents and serving more customers more quickly.

How It Works

As soon as you choose to work with us, we’ll to help you define your self-service strategy that complements your contact centre operation.


During this process, we work with you to outline business problems and bottlenecks in your processes. From frontend Interactive IVR’s through to agent wrap up activities. We’ll help you automate transactional activities, freeing up agent time and improving bottom line.


We’ll go above and beyond to help you build a self-service apparatus that works for you and drives your revenue.


In addition, we will ensure your customers can contact your business whenever works best for them, even when your office is closed. This ensures that you don’t lose business due to the constraints of the workday, and your employees don’t have to stay late to take calls.


We go beyond just voice services. We can also give your customers the opportunity to connect with chatbots to fulfil their needs.

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