Microsoft Teams Monthly Learning Webinar


Microsoft Teams Webinar: 86% of your users are suffering in silence. Find out why and how you can help them.


It’s no secret that Microsoft Teams grew from 22m monthly active users in November 2019 to 270m today, with Microsoft now providing the gateway to the working world for a significant majority of businesses.


To help organisations through the continuing evolution of hybrid work Microsoft published their latest Work Trend Index, based on research of more than 30,000 people in 31 countries. Combining that with analysis of trillions of productivity signals across Microsoft 365 and Linkedin alongside perspectives from experts who have spent decades studying collaboration, social capital and space design at work.


Unsurprisingly, they discovered that Hybrid Work is here to stay with the study indicating that 85% of employees want to be able to work from both the office and home using a hybrid approach.


Somewhat overlooked was that research also suggests that only 16% of remote users report issues to the service desk leaving an enormous portion of the workforce putting up with technical issues and feeling frustrated…


But at what cost to both the wellbeing of the employee and the consequences of productivity decline to the business?


In this month’s Microsoft Teams Learning Webinar, you will learn:


  • Why users are failing to report issues
  • What impact this has on staff well-being and productivity decline
  • What role AI, analytics and big data can play in helping overcome this challenge
  • How your business can proactively manage and monitor your hybrid workplace technologies

We are delighted to welcome industry giants MICROSOFT, JABRA & VIRSAE to this month’s session – a virtual round table event where we will answer these questions and many more.


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Tuesday 15th March at 2PM


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