Monthly Learning Webinars

We’re on the brink of the next great disruption: the move to hybrid working.


With over 40% of the global workforce considering leaving their employer this year, a thoughtful approach to hybrid work will be critical for attracting and retaining diverse talent. 


These challenges used to be the sole responsibility of IT but this is no longer the case. These are business challenges on many boardroom agendas right now.


We believe the answer is simple. Technology must be at the heart of the hybrid office. Get that right and you can crack the dilemma many of your competitors are also facing right now. 


We are passionate about educating business leaders to understand how technology can help their companies bridge the physical and digital worlds.  By doing so you can create a hybrid workspace that maintains culture, retains and attracts talent, improves wellbeing and allows your amazing teams to communicate and collaborate securely.



Join us on our latest Microsoft Teams Learning Webinar on Thursday 25th November to learn more.

Thursday 25th November at 2PM


What you will learn

Each session is broken down in to 3 sections:


Microsoft Updates – in each session we discuss latest feature releases to ensure you get the most out of Microsoft Teams and O365. 

Focus Topic – this month we look at the Hybrid Office and ask are you ready?

Ask The Experts – we always finish with an Q&A session so people can ask any questions they wish around either the topics and features covered in the session or general questions they have.

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